New in the Shop: Jules Verne Unblockers


Sometimes, I wonder what it would have been like to live inside Jules Verne’s head. I’m thinking… fantastic.

Since living in the father of steampunk’s brain isn’t possible, I’ve been gathering old copies of his iconic novels. If we can’t make camp in his imagination, at least we can play with its contents.

Each one of these dice is a 3/4-inch cube with a word or phrase from Journey to the Center of the Earth decoupaged on each side.  I hand-sand the edges and corners of each cube for a worn-in look and stain the wood with coffee for an extra dose of inspiration. They come with an idea sheet of twenty different ways to use Unblockers for writing and storytelling, and you can get them here.


New In the Shop: Jane Eyre Unblockers

New In the Shop: Jane Eyre Unblockers

If there’a book out there with more atmosphere than Jane Eyre, I don’t know of it. The chill of the moors literally seeps out of every page.

Okay, not literally.

The chill of the moors figuratively seeps out of every page!

Get them here.