In Which August Is The Best Month

AugustAugust is my month.

First of all, it’s my birthday month. Second, it’s the month when summer begins winding down. Those beautiful fall clothes start appearing (oh, how I love fall clothing), and store aisles fill with glorious piles of composition notebooks and yellow pencils. I adore August.

This August is even better, because I’m on a sabbatical, of sorts. I put my shop, Palimpsestic, into vacation mode for the month, which means more time for writing, writing, writing. By the end of the month, the novel I’m working on should be revised and edited into a pretty package, just in time for the RMFW conference in September.

That’s the plan, at least. It’s been a slow start. I spent the first four days of the month on a mini-vacation with my family—a fun, rejuvenating, inspiring vacation, but still a four-day span in which I didn’t so much as glance at my manuscript file. The day after vacation was spent recovering and restocking the larders, so my month of writing didn’t really get started until six days in.

It doesn’t matter. This August thing is happening. This month is mine. And it will be glorious.


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